1) Surface Grinding Wheel & Segments
Straight Grinding Wheel
Cylinder Wheels
Grinding Wheel, Recessed One Side
Grinding Wheel, Rasied Hub One Side

2) Toolroom Grinding Wheels
Straight Grinding wheel
Plain Cup wheels
Flaring Cup Wheels
Dish Grinding Wheel
C Face Straight Wheels
Wheels Tapered Two Side

In order to improve our quality and meet with international market requirement. Every day our technician test the samples from all the manufacturer around the world.

Bonded Abrasives

  • Allison Abrasives
  • Avery Abrasives
  • Buffalo Abrasives
  • Carborundum Abrasives
  • CUMI
  • Globe Abrasive
  • Grier Abrasives
  • Gulf States Abrasives
  • Jowitt and Rodgers
  • Modern Abrasives
  • National Grinding Wheel
  • Noritake
  • Pacer Industries
  • Pacific Grinding Wheel
  • Radiac Abrasives
  • Rex-Cut Products