Our factory is one of the leading abrasives manufacturer with ISO9001 certificate in China. She is invested by Italy Molemab spa and American diamond tool, inc. We specialise in the production of high quality diamond & CBN grinding wheel....

Tool grinding - Metal
Includes grinding wheels for the metal industry for production and re- sharpening of Carbide and HSS tools . This involves the following grinding operations: Tool grinding, Flute grinding, Internal grinding ,Cylindrical grinding, Surface grinding and Centreless grinding.

Our Product range includes:

  • Standard grinding wheels for grinding HSS and Carbide Tools.
  • Grinding wheels for Flute-grinding.
  • Grinding wheels for standard grinding operations.
  • Special products for individual customer requirements.

Tool grinding - Wood
Includes Diamond and CBN grinding wheels for all the standard machine types used for machining cutting tools for the wood industry.
Saw Teeth Grinding
Grinding wheels for resharpening and production of HSS circular saw blades.