Diamond Wheel, CBN Wheel etc
1A1, 4A2, 6A2, 6A9, 12A2, 11A2, 11V9, 9A3, 12V2, ...

D9A3 - Double Cup & D6A9 - Straight Cup
D6A2 - Straight Cup
D12A2 - Dish Wheel
D11A2 - Straight Cup wheel
D4A2P - Dish Wheel
DHH1 & DHH2 - Hand Hones

In order to improve our quality and meet with international market requirement. Every day our technician test the samples from all the manufacturer around the world.

  • Ilyich Superabrasives
  • Niabraze
  • Noritake
  • Radiac Diamond
  • Regal Diamond Products
  • Syntec Superabrasives
  • Wendt